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You can work full-time as a Tap n’ Style Contractor, or part-time around your current job.


Choose the services you can provide & your prices (within reason!) We take a small percentage of that price.


You decide what days & times each week you are available to take Tap n’ Style bookings.


You select the areas you can work in, or distance limit from your home.

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  • Firstly in order to work with Tap n’ Style you must be qualified and experienced to provide the treatments & services you select in your application. You must also have minimum 1 year work experience in providing those services
  • Apply by hitting Apply Now & complete all fields.
  • We will get in touch with you for interview purposes and information gathering.
  • We may wish you to do a test as part of the onboarding process.
  • You will be required to provide Tap n’ Style with ID documentation, qualifications, training an insurance certificates and DBS certificate.
  • After your application is successful, your Profile goes live on the platform and you then log in and provide your availability each month and the areas you can work in.
  • When you receive a booking you will receive notification via the app and an automatic email with full details of the booking.
  • At this point, the professional will be able to contact the client in order to go through a consultation with regards to the client.
  • Tap n’ Style transfers your earnings to your after 7 days following the service/treatment. If you were working at a care home, payment will always be a month after the service/treatment. This is due to invoicing/payment agreement/ Terms & Conditions.
  • You can upload photos of your own work to your profile, and even send to us to be displayed on our social media pages!

Full Contractor Terms & Conditions

Tap n’ Style is operator of an online mobile booking platform. As a Hair Stylist, Beauty Therapist, Make Up Artist or Business Owner working on Tap n’ Style platform, I can confirm that I fully understand and agree to the following:

*COVID 19 Requirements: Hair stylists, makeup artists, beauty therapists MUST wear a face mask, visor, apron and gloves to every Tap n’ Style booking until further notice. Failure to do so may result in being removed from the platform. This is both to protect yourself and the client from potential illness and remove any risk of legal action from the client if they become sick. All clients agree upon booking that neither you or Tap n’ Style the company are in any way liable for illness after the booking PROVIDED you wear the appropriate PPE.

*You must provide all your own equipment and products for all appointments.

*You agree that Clouds (Midlands) Ltd, owner and operator of Tap n’ Style, retains 30% of the total revenue from your client bookings.

*All revenue earned is receivable in a lump sum on the 7th of every month, for all bookings in the month previous. This is paid by bank transfer into the account you provide.

*All hair stylists, beauty therapists or make-up artists MUST be qualified and have minimum 1 years work experience in providing the services they offer. If it is discovered that you have lied or faked any experience or qualifications in your application, Tap n’ Style will immediately remove your profile from the platform.

*If you are going to be late for a booking you MUST contact the client well beforehand and inform them. If you are more than 20 mins late the client may request 10% compensation which is taken from your earnings. Alternatively, they may re-schedule to another time directly with you OR they have a right to cancel the booking and receive a full refund. 

*If you do not show to 2 bookings in the same month without any explanation or pre-warning to the client, your profile will automatically be removed from Tap n Style platform.

*As a professional mobile contractor, if you feel unsafe when attending an appointment, you may report the booking and cancel it. Tap n’ Style will investigate the client and location to confirm if the cancellation is valid. If it is deemed the cancellation was without merit: this will count as not showing to a legitimate booking.

*When performing a Haircut or Colour/Tinting service you MUST provide a gown for the customer to wear. You must also sweep up their hair after the service. It is the clients responsibility to wash their own hair (not before colour service) before you arrive. If the only room to provide the service is carpeted: it is also the clients responsibility to provide a mat, sheet or canvas to lay on the carpet to collect hair. 

*Colour / Tinting Services to first-time customers: When a client books a Colour/Tinting service with you for the first time you must call them for a consultation before the appointment day. We encourage all stylists to offer new colour/tinting client a 48 hour patch test. Then when you arrive to their location you MUST also get them to sign a waiver which states that the client agrees that should they react in any way to the colour / tinting application: neither you or Tap n’ Style are in any way responsible for the reaction. Should you fail to obtain this signed agreement and the customer does receive a reaction: Tap n’ Style are in no way responsible for any legal and injury claim brought against you.  

*For Make Up Artists; we class the Basic Application service as foundation with lips and cheeks OR foundation with lips and a single eye-liner only. Please price this service based on this.

*As a Tap n’ Style professional you must have Public Liability Insurance. If you are a salon/spa/studio owner it is your responsibility for your staff to have Public Liability Insurance. In the event of any of your Tap n’ Style clients raising an injury claim against you: you acknowledge that it is your responsibility and your insurance that would cover any such claims.

*You agree that in the event of any complaint or legal claim brought forward by a person concerning services that you or your contractor have provided: you as the service provider or they as an individual are fully accountable for any such claims. You acknowledge that Tap n’ Style are in no way responsible or accountable for any such claims.

*As a salon, spa or studio owner you agree that if any complaints or legal claims are brought forward by a person concerning services that one of your staff have provided: either you as their employer or they as an individual are fully accountable for any such claims. You acknowledge that Tap n’ Style are in no way responsible or accountable for any such claims.

*As an individual: in working with Tap n’ Style you are an independent contractor/service provider, not an employee. It is therefore your own responsibility to register with HMRC, do your own tax returns and declarations.

*Clouds (Midlands) Ltd, owner of Tap n’ Style, is not liable for any potential health and safety risks or injury claims whilst delivering on-demand services to clients who have booked through the Tap n’ Style platform.

*As a salon, spa or studio owner: you remain responsible for your employees when sending them on Tap n’ Style appointments. Your Employers Liability Insurance should cover potential risks whilst doing on-demand bookings. Clouds (Midlands) Ltd, owner of Tap n’ Style is in no way liable for salon employee health and safety whilst doing these bookings.

*Clouds (Midlands) Ltd, owner of Tap n’ Style, would like to make it very clear that we do not tolerate any discrimination towards race, religion, ethnicity, gender, disability or sexual orientation. If it has been discovered that you have discriminated against or have been unkind to anyone whilst representing Tap n’ Style: your profile will immediately be removed from the platform.